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Testimonials & Reviews

Child FloatingPrior to this photo, I tried the whole summer to get my 4 year old daughter comfortable in the water without her floating device. I even signed her up for 8 swimming lessons with other instructors, but had no luck.

Incredible how Debbie Koenig had my daughter put her face under water after spending about ten minutes with her on her FIRST lesson and had her swimming after the third lesson.

– Froilan T.

Thank you Deborah, for all you[r] work in helping the kids learn to swim…

– Patricia Z.

It is a great pleasure to have an opportunity to write of our very pleasant experience with Debbie Koenig’s swimming lessons for our sons.

Debbie has the ability to differentiate the widely separated skill levels of our young swimmers and tailor the lessons accordingly. This is very important to keep them progressing even though long breaks in lessons (such as our vacations and Christmas).

Debbie is also able to accommodate a wide range of learning abilities.
She obviously is very experienced in instruction to be able ot bring a variety of teaching techniques to the lessons to keep the swimmers progressing.

I feel strongly that Debbie will be able to use this experience to great advantage in helping others to know how to teach swimming.

-Frederic H.

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Debbie Koenig. She has been the swimming instructor of our five year-old daughter [T].

T had the so called “water phobia” or fear of swimming until she met Debbie. Debbie was able to gain T’s confidence within the very first class. She made T to go inside of the pool with no floatation device on first day and regained her trust with the water.

She also taught her how to get out of the pool in only three lessons. This had been one of my biggest fears as a parent and a physician in case that an unfortunate event would happen. She has instructed her safetiness and rules around the pool. Sh is a certified Water Safety Instructor Trainer.

T has learned how to swim across the pool in less than five private lessons. After ten classes, she has been able to do coordinated free style by herself, short distance tredding water and go back-wards with help. She has been abel to immerse inside of the water to pick up water toys from the floor of the pool with no difficulty. She is still learning the floatation techniques but she can back float freely for a few minutes. Her kicks are strong and her endurance has increased progressively at every class.

Debbie’s teaching skills are amazing. Furthermore, her personality is enchanting and especially to our little kids who need a more personal approach. She is alway cheerful and encouraging. She enjoys her work and make sure that the client enjoys it too. She listens to clients and their parents, in my case. No kid is a challenge and she tells me that no adult is either.

I strongly recommend her as your swimming instructor.

– Georgia J. (MD)


Debbie knows so much about swimming and makes learning and working out fun. My strokes have improved by leaps and bounds because Debbie tailors her instruction to each person’s level of experience, skill and temperament. Debbie is truly one of a kind: the best!

– Mark S.


When I started taking lessons from Debbie more than two years ago, I didn’t even want to put my face in the water. Step by step–it didn’t take very long–Debbie had me comfortable in the water, floating (I didn’t believe I could float), kicking, learning the strokes, breathing properly, and SWIMMING! Now we do a weekly complete workout together that includes swimming and strength training, so I increase my cardio and muscle endurance and improve my swimming technique, and HAVE A LOT OF FUN in the process.

Debbie is a treasure. She is always upbeat, makes it fun, and she really cares about me and my progress and tailors my workout to my exact needs. I’m so grateful to her for opening up a whole new world to me (she even taught me to snorkel and be confident in the ocean) and teaching me the skills to do regular exercise that I enjoy.

– Cathy B.


I think of myself as a competent enough swimmer, so in my mind having Debbie around the pool was just an extra dose of motivation. But it turned out there were some subtle things that were wrong with my stroke that she was able to notice and point out. Not only am I faster than ever, but I also saved myself $1,400 that I was going to spend on getting a doctor to figure out why my shoulders were hurting — it turned out it was strain from having my forearms rotated the wrong way in my freestyle, and when I fixed my stroke the strain went away. With the economy how it is, I think my swim lessons are my only investment that ended the year in positive territory.

– Kia S.

I came to Debbie as an adult with no ability to swim and some aqua-phobia. I wanted to find someone who had experience with teaching adults, as I knew getting over a fear of water is a bit more challenging when you’re older.

I wasn’t willing to take my feet off the floor or take my hand off the edge of the pool when I started with her. In just about 3 months (about 20 lessons) I went from being to scared to being able to swim a lap freestyle, do the back float/elementary backstroke, survivor swim and basic treading water. And actually start to have fun with the water and ‘play’ a little bit – confident that I can get myself back up to breathe when I need to.

I love that she does one on one. Being in a larger class would have been intimidating and I may have been left behind while others conquered their fear faster than I. With one on one, she can customize the lesson to suit MY needs and make sure that I’m comfortable in the water.

She is obviously knowledgeable in the subject with a lot of previous experience and a list of credentials a mile long.

The thing that was really helpful to me was her approach and demeanor with me in the water. First of all, she is very patient, calming and relaxed. She didn’t push me to do things I wasn’t comfortable doing. She encouraged me to the next level, but didn’t throw me in the deep end. If she had, I would have probably quit. She never put me down for what I like to call my “spazzy” moments when the fear of water came back and took me back a step or two. Instead, she always had positive things to say, reminding me that I can do this, that I’m doing great, etc.

She was always professional and kept us on goal, but she also took moments to laugh and celebrate each milestone. Debbie is very personable and kind, making each lesson both a good learning experience and a fun lesson.

I’m proud that I am finally acquiring this life skill and I’m happy with how far I’ve come. Debbie was was a perfect match for me.

– Angela C.

I’m writing to inform you of the outstanding instruction and attention I have received from my Swim Instructor Debbie Koenig. My first class was 5/23/08 and I did not know the first thing about swimming. A colleague and I decided to take lessons together. By the end of that first class, we could not stop talking about what a terrific teacher Debbie was and how much fun the class had been.

Debbie quickly assessed our abilities, or lack of them, and crafted our lessons to fit us individually. After my initial “5-Pak”, she and I spoke and agreed that I would benefit from additional lessons. As I approach the end of those additional lessons, I just want to express how lucky I feel that Debbie has been my instructor. I say lucky because I was paired with a likely personally; she brings an easy, light and fun energy to our lessons.

She has been patient and understanding of my limitations and abilities. And yet, she is also firm. She is tough, but in the nicest way. She has the ability to push you, but not intimidate you and make you feel like a lost cause. It is a rare combination and few people do that well. Although at times I was nervous and quite anxious, she put me at ease and made me feel comfortable and eventually brave.

Did I mention fun? By my request, my lessons are at 6 am… ouch! And though she admits to not being a morning person, you would never be able to tell because of the laughter and fun in our lessons. She cheers the loudest for you, supports you and celebrates with you as you reach another goal. The first time i swam to the deep end I said this to her and I say to you, I am immensely grateful that Debbie is my instructor. Thank you. Thanks Debbie.

– “I can swim!!” (Dana W)

Amy and I just came back from our vacation in Mexico. We had so much fun and we have you to thank for!! This time we enjoyed the water w/o getting scared ****less!! This time I wasn’t just posing w/ my swimsuit!!

And look!! We even went snorkeling!! Didn’t realize how beautiful things are down there. It’s like a [totally] different world that I’ve been missing out on this past 39 years!! We should take you out for a meal or drinks or something to properly thank you!!

– Cici

I have been a volunteer at the Y for the Senior Water Fitness classes for more than four years, and have interacted with a number of staff during that time. Most specifically, because I teach in the pool, my interactions with Debbie, the current Pool Manager, are very important. She is proving to be an excellent person with whom to work.

She is responsive to requests, listens well and has created a very tangibly different environment at the pool. The guards are pleasant, cheerful and even their attentiveness is markedly different from that of pervious staff. They regularly rotate from the deep end to the shallow end and are actively observing the class members.

Debbie has been working to ensure that the seniors have the amount of equipment needed for class, as well as having equipment in condition to address safety issues. She has been open to ideas and is a terrific representative for the Pool, and for the Y as a whole.
Just wanted to pass on this feedback because she makes a tremendous and positive difference.

– Sharon M (Senior Water Fitness Instructor)