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Adult Swim Lessons

No matter what your reason is, your time to achieve your swim goals is now!

Teaching in everything from beginners and basic stroke mechanics, to advanced life-saving techniques , we can help you achieve your swim goals.

Our instructors follow lesson plans that build on previously learned skills. These skills build the foundation for the future development of swimming strokes. With a solid base of fundamental swimming skills an easy progression is made into the next level of swimming. Each lesson is loaded with fun, engaging, and challenging activities that motivate the student. Progress is constantly monitored and evaluated to plan for your next level of success. With focused attention, you are sure to meet your goals faster than you ever imagined.

All lessons are private that means one-on-one direct attention. Each lesson is tailored to meet your individual needs. Every step of the way we explain what to expect in the water. How to float and why your body does float. We want you to be comfortable and go at a pace that is right for you.

Specializing in Adults with Aquaphobia

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable, safe, and empowered in the water.

Overcome your fear of water and improve your swimming abilities:

  • Vacation – Relax and swim, snorkel, or scuba.  Actually use your swim suit for it’s real purpose!
  • Fun and Exercise – Improved cardiovascular activity and muscle endurance
  • Tri-Athalon – Can you run and bike but not swim? Learn to swim or improve your strokes
  • New Parent or Grandparent – Keep children safe and play with the kids during the hot summer
  • Life Goal – It’s never too late (I just recently taught a man who was 81)
  • Job Requirement – Certain Branches of Law Enforcement, Military, Forestry, Coast Guard, Lifeguard
  • Recovery from Injuries – Maintain fitness level by swimming, cross-training