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Aqua Aerobics

Get your heart pumping with an energizing aqua workout.

If you are looking for a fun, vitalizing, and refreshing way to get fit, you have to try Aqua Aerobics with us! A sure fire way to improve strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and overall body fitness, aqua aerobics is right for all abilities looking to improve their health. Please consider the following options below to find what works best for you!

Shallow Water Aerobics & Aqua Conditioning (all levels)

Using a mix of cardio, strength training and stretching exercises, you’ll go home feeling invigorated. Water aerobics decreases impact and increases resistance, making classes safe and effective for all levels of fitness. Aqua aerobics is for everyone – swimmers or non-swimmers, men or women of all fitness levels. Join us for a change of pace, for cross-training or to boost your overall fitness. 15 years and up.

Deep Water Aerobics & Aqua Conditioning (all levels)

This class offers participants the freedom of movement through water without touching or standing on the pool bottom. It is great for cardiovascular exercise, toning, weight loss, or helping to recover from muscle or bone injuries. 15 years and up. Basic survival swim skills required.

Debbie and other DSS instructors teach aqua areobics at various pools in the area. Schedules change frequently, so please Contact Us for current schedule information.