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Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-Private & Group Lessons for Children

Focused Attention. Affordable.

Children's Swim Lessons

Semi-Private classes are have no more than 3 students per class. With smaller class sizes than traditional group lessons and the highest trained staff in Northern California, you will be able see your child progress quickly. These affordable 30 minute sessions have a 25 minute lesson and a 5 min parent conference time.

Parent & Tot classes have no more than 8 students. Both the parent and child will be in the water with an instructor as a group.

With an emphasis on structured and productive classes, we use the latest teaching techniques in a progressive style. Our lessons are positive, encouraging and fun learning environment. It is upon these principles your child will succeed!

Which Swim Lesson Level is best for my child?
Use the following descriptions to decide in which level to enroll your child.

Parent & Tot (ages 6mo-3yr)

This class is intended for kids ages 6 months to about 3 years old.  It is important to introduce your child to water at an early age to reduce the the risk of drowning. Both parent and child will be in the water with an instructor as a group.  This is the only large class that we offer.  The interaction with other kids at this age helps build social confidence in the child.  Parents will learn the proper handling techniques and will be introduced to some fundamental skills important for being in the water. This is a fun and playful environment! Learn More

Level 1 (ages 3-5yr)

Level one is intended for kids who are comfortable in the water.  An average age for this class  is about 3 to 5 years old, yet it may vary anywhere from 2 years and up far beyond 5 for those who have never  learned how to swim. In this level they will learn to put their face in the water and hold their breath along with floating on their stomach and back unassisted. Children will also learn to climb out of the pool by themselves as well as know how to safely kick to a wall when floating on their back.

Level 2 (ages 3-5yr)

This level is intended for kids that are comfortable in the water and can float on their own unassisted both on their front and back. In this level, the main goals include flipping back and forth between front floats and back floats, being able to push off the wall in a streamline position and flutter kick to the instructor, beginning front crawl and back crawl arms, and starting rhythmic breathing drills. Children should be able to jump in the water, turn around, and make it back to the wall on their own.

Level 3 (ages 4-6yr)

This level is intended for kids who can complete all goals of previous levels. This means they can jump in and swim back to the wall within a couple feet. They can flip between floats, and have started basic front crawl and back crawl arms and legs. Their legs should be straight when kicking and coming from the hips. They must understand rhythmic breathing. Main goals of this level include swimming half a lap unassisted with rhythmic breathing. Children are also introduced into the breast stroke kick.

Swim Team

Debbie’s Swim Team is a 3-week, non-competitive environment for children who have basic swimming skills and would like to improve their stroke, speed, and swimming ability. The team is for children ages 6-14. Swimmers can expect swim workouts and some basic dry land exercising/stretches. Learn More

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Children's Swim Lessons

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We offer a wide variety of times and locations for both Parent & Tot classes as well as Semi-Private group lessons.

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