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Parent & Tot

Parent & Tot Classes

Fun. Effective. Affordable.

Our Parent & Tot Class is intended for kids ages 6 months to about 3 years old.

These affordable 30 minute Parent & Tot sessions use the latest teaching techniques in a progressive style.   With an emphasis on structured and productive classes, our lessons are positive, encouraging and a fun learning environment. It is upon these principles your child will succeed!

A fun environment for children to learn with their parent

It is important to introduce your child to water at an early age to reduce the the risk of drowning. Both parent and child will be in the water with an instructor as a group.  This is the only large class that we offer.  Parents will learn the proper handling techniques and will be introduced to some fundamental skills important for being in the water. The interaction with other kids at this age helps build social confidence in the child.

This is a fun and playful environment for your child to learn to be comfortable in the water and learn the fundamentals of swimming!

We also offer semi-private lessons and swim team for older children.

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Scientific Benefits of Baby Swim Lessons!

  • Reduces the Risk of Drowning
  • Boosts Development of the whole child
  • Improves Motor Development
  • Accelerates Cognitive Development
  • Increases Memory Capacity
  • Expands Cerebral Communication
  • Strengthens Social Confidence
  • Enhances Neurological Development
  • Deepens the parent infant bond


Reference: Lana Whitehead Water Smart Babies

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